Dear SHIT® fan, firstly big thanks for all these years. Now let’s get down to business!
SHIT® is entering the metaverse and blockchain and building it from scratch with a team from Stavanger, Norway.

The first step is picking up what we did 22 years ago – before the internet – when SHIT® was all about Stickers and ‘Guerilla marketing’. The pre-internet era is the inspiration of our first NFT’s: Our Talking Bubble Sticker and are designed from our 2000’s palette.

This is a 3,1K 1/1 NFT collection.
Our first step of the roadmap is to reach out to fans with an invitation to join the Whitelist WL and receive a free mint. ‘Mint’ is the term for generating a unique token or in this case a STICKER. SHIT® TROOPERS telling us why SHIT® is special for them, will be evaluated for the WL. Spread the word.
To register, fill the registration form and tell us why SHIT® is special for you! Be short and honest! If you are a new fan or SHIT® TROOPER, tell us how you got to know about us or this project. Good stories are welcome.
We will read ALL answers and notify those who made it to the WL! After WL mint is finished collecting their STICKER, we will open for public sale!
The SHIT® TB STICKERs is our first collection on the blockchain, therefore ranked as Tier 1 in all we do after. A STICKER from this collection will be a key for the future ecosystem of SHIT®, starting with receiving one free mint of the next collection in phase 2. If you are new to NFT`s: The simple story is that a Sticker in your wallet is a key to our world. Get educated here.

Game Plan 
08.Aug : Registration White List Opens (333 places only)
TBA : MINTING for White List
TBA : REVEAL NFT`S (You will love this)

TBA (Will be an amazing collection)
If you are a holder of a TB NFT, your in on this one.

GAMIFY ACTIVETIES (This is the real thing)

More info to come…

Hanif Tadjik
Excecutive Backend Builder

Ernst Kloster
Head Innovator

Frode Goa
Creative Director

Racin Wilhelm Nygaard
Excecutive Blockchain Director

Dimitar Georgiev
Project Advisor