Before you start you should know that NFT’s are sold on open markets. Everyone interacting with this market need’s a unique account. The difference from a normal account is that you also have the keys to this account. With these keys you can access the account from many places. Therefore, protect your keys to the account and then you can share the account number (Wallet address) in the same way as you share your telephone number Without the keys your account is 100% protected. It’s as simple as that.

Here is a step by step to get your first NFT.

1. First things first: Get yourself a blockchain wallet. We recommend using Rainbow or Coinbase Wallet. The most commonly used blockchain is Ethereum. The story on how this blockchain was created will be a movie one day…

-Very easy on the phone. Download app:
-Rainbow – Blockchain Wallet
-Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto


On laptop you download plug-in to your browser:

Note: You can view the same account on both phone and laptop.

2. You will need a wallet to collect the Talking Bubble NFT. So do not skip step 1.


3. Be very careful of your passwords and keys. Do not save on a phone or computer that is connected to the internet. Simply write keys on a piece of paper and keep it secure. Use Face ID or Fingerprint to open the app.This is good practice. 


4. Now you can REGISTER on our site,, and remember to copy and paste your unique public wallet address in the form.
(Please do not write your home address where you live).

5. When you have filled out the rest of the form, click I’m done! button. Now you`ll get an automatic completion message from us on your screen. Good Job! Well done! 🙂

6. Well done! Sit back, relax, or even go out skateboarding. 


7. Minting will start (TBA) after we have announced the White List. Exact time when it starts will be announced on our webpage and SoMe. You need some ether ready (10-20USD) on your account for the transaction fee. 

8. Firstly you will mint & receive an Unpeeled Talking Bubble. When time is right we will reveal them all and you will see what unique Talking Bubble you got. There are some that are rare, but all are beautiful. 

9. We then open the Public Mint for the remaining Talking Bubble NFTs of the collection. You can trade, sell or buy new ones on


10. Much later a 10K NFT collection will be open for White List TBA, and you are automatically on this list if you are the holder of our tier 1 collection. And just mint it ASAP – because you get one free NFT from this collection for FREE. (1 for each MFT bubble you have in your wallet).

11. A tip could be to have at least 3 Talking Bubble NFTs in your wallet. By doing this you can sell if floor price increases – and you should keep your favorite for eternity. Because this is a Tier 1 collection will always have priority nr 1 in our ecosystem. 


12. In future we plan to launch our final project (TBA) and here you will get big status as one of the Tier 1 collection holders.

Our idea is a out of the couch motivating skateboarding feature – where a skateboard deck in motion (used whilst skateboarding) will be rewarded. And levels of real life skills will be rewarded. More to come on this.


13. Our NFT holders will have a role to play for the future gameplan and collections of the brand.  CLICK HERE TO GO BACK!